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Why would I need for my needs?

I wish there were more sites like only40 .com on the web. It's like everything is all about meeting girls and fresh faces. All of the stuff that I am not really interested in since I'm a 22 year old guy and much prefer the idea of a woman to spending time with a girl. It's like really gross that I know it's mostly old dudes who get into most of the sites online. At only40 .com I feel like it's almost entirely tailored to a guy like me. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am originally from the east coast and ever since I was younger, I've always had crushes on my friends' moms. I still remember one day after soccer practice we were over at my friend Johnny's house and he was out back doing something. We must have been 12 or 13 at the time. Johnny's mom was baking us cookies and ice cream snacks. She was already hot and everybody knew that but it wasn't until she start making some pretty pleasant movements in the kitchen that I knew what people were talking about. She was repeatedly going to the stove and bending over while wearing this tight little skirt that just wouldn't quit. I will never forget seeing her turn around after facing the inside of the freezer for about 30 seconds. It was one of the most magical scene I have ever seen to this day. I could see excitement through her shirt like I'd never seen before and I could envision what she looked like perfectly right underneath.

That was the first time something like that happened but definitely not the last time. When I was just a little bit older, I remember my friend's mom let us have a party at his house. I think we were about 16 or 17 since most of us had been driving for a little while. This wasn't just my friends house, this was my girlfriend's house, so you can see where this is going. My girlfriend, Steph, did not like the attention that her mom craved and was already worried that her mom only invited all of these guys to her house so she could get some attention from them. The truth of the matter is that Steph was right to be concerned. Later on that night around 1am, her mom came back from a night with her friends and seemed a little tipsy. She went straight for the liquor cabinet and had a drink. Within about 15 minutes, she asked my friend Darren and I if we could help her outside by the pool. We went out there and when we got there she was in her bikini. It kind of reminded me of that scene in Christmas Vacation when Clark Griswold see's the imaginary pool and the imaginary girl in his back yard. I think it was like Caludia Schiffer or something? Nonetheless, you get the idea. She jumped off the diving board and into the pool swimming around before she asked us to clear something out of the filter. When we got to the filter, we looked down and saw a bottle of vodka. We looked back to her and she simply said 'what? You kids go have some fun now.' We took the bottle back inside and when we looked outside next, we saw her diving in again, but this time she was naked. That was so sweet, but the only problem is that Steph saw it too and then ran outside to end the show. Everyone was upset with her that night except for me. I understood but still, it stunk.

After I broke up with my girlfriend in High School during the end of senior year, I saw Ms. Jenkins again. Since I was still friends with her daughter I saw her at the graduation party where she was being even more flirtatious than ever. This time she wasn't even drinking that much, but I was. Before I knew it, she slipped over and told me that she had a leaky faucet in the bathroom next to her bedroom and was hoping I could look at it to fix it. I told her I wasn't sure if that would be totally appropriate but she convinced me. Just like everything you would see on only40 .com, it turned into a crazy session of love. Things really got out of control between us fast and went even further than I thought they would. Back then, sites like only40 .com weren't really around so I didn't know what to do with an older woman but she really knew what to do with me. I just wish I could meet someone like her again or maybe just see someone like her on the web. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I am really starting to think as I'm getting a little bit older that everyone needs to try it once.